Saturday, May 28, 2011

For those who have been asking...

Yes, yes, we are still here!

Ever get so far behind on something that you just can't bring yourself to even start tackling the task? Well, that's where my blog is right now. I keep telling people that I've been writing witty, entertaining blog posts all along... it's just that I "write" them in by brain while driving and they never actually make it to the screen.

I might say that we're busy ENJOYING life to spend time DOCUMENTING life. On the other hand, I might also say that after spending all day staring at my computer at the office, and 2 hours trying cram together making dinner, eating dinner, absorbing quality time with the kids, and working through the bedtime hour (or 2), we barely muster the energy to clean the kitchen and collapse on the couch for a mindless hour of television before sleep comes calling. Powering up the computer is very low on the list...

One other funny thought about this blogging delay: now that we're checking email and facebook from mobile devices, the idea of booting up the computer, downloading pictures, crafting posts, uploading photos, and publishing to the web... seems somewhat convoluted. How quickly our brains adjust to the NEXT BIG THING!

All that to say, new posts are coming. I'm actually adding them below this one, so scroll down to see what you've been missing. Thanks for hanging in there.

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