Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This and That and a Haircut

The past few weeks have flown by. We're days away from a 8 months old post for Josh - how can that be? Current events around the Maxwell House:

My parents were here for a weekend, and we seized the opportunity for an afternoon mountain biking date. That would be my first mountain bike ride ever and the first time I've been on a bike since college - yikes! I thought it was fun but could really use some more time in the seat to gain more confidence handling a bike - and better fitness would help, too.

I ran my first 5K since high school. The Heaven Can Wait event (for breast cancer) is by far the biggest run/walk in Bend - 4,000 participants. It was inspiring to see all those people walking for the cause. Amazing energy. I was most inspired by my 3-man cheering section at the finish line. I think Owen liked seeing his mom do a race, but he was complaining afterward, "But I Wanted you to be the winner!!" and has declared that he's going to do a race himself and be the winner.

Summer is here! We officially skipped spring, with last week's temperatures steadily in the 50s. To much relief, the summer solitice brought with it sun and temperatures above 80 degrees - bring out the sunscreen, swimsuits, and bare feet!

Scott's parents were the first ones to complete the Maxwell Family Fitness Challenge for 2010. After training all winter and spring, they walked a half marathon in Alaska over the weekend. So awesome! Maybe we'll get them to come walk another one in Bend in October when I (hopefully) run mine...

We're loving the World Cup these days. Owen is old enough to sit and watch a few minutes of the games. He is already a big fan of Tim Howard (thanks to that bright orange jersey!). What a fantastic 3rd game finish for the US today. Bring on Ghana!

Scott's been taking advantage of our long daylight hours to get in weekly mountain bike rides and a few more on the weekends. Mountain biking has really become his activity of choice, and it's great to have trails just minutes from the office. Yea Bend!

After months of letting his hair grow, we decided to give Owen a short cut for summer. I was really enjoying the long hair, but the short will be better for the pool.

A few before shots:

And the drastically different after:


Colleen said...

Love the cut, Owen! Your house sounds a lot like ours. The World Cup has been fun to watch. I agree, riding a bike is tough when you don't keep it up, sore bum! But glad you had fun with your parents and congrats on the 5K! Even if you didn't "win." LOL!

SBM said...

That's awesome that you did the 5K! We ride our bikes a lot in Denmark, but it's far from hard core mountain biking. It's more a way to get from point A to point B. Owen looks good with both long and short hair...but I love that second photo with the fly aways!!