Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

I'm way behind on the events of spring, but I wanted to get photos uploaded from our Memorial Day trip to Manzanita. This was year #10 for our group. Tim and Amy were unable to join us this year, so the MacSweens and Baby Ian more than adequately stepped up to the plate. As always, we enjoyed the view, ate amazing food, and explored the beach in marginal weather.

Josh's first trip to the ocean will get it's own post, so here are some other pictures from the weekend.

Of course, our trip to Manzanita comes complete with lots of cousin love. Owen and Calla were able to play a little bit better together this year, but we still had to do quite a bit of refereeing.

I generally managed Josh's schedule, which gave Scott and Owen LOTS of time for beach fun:

Parting the waves, "Like Moses."

We were thrilled to find that Owen was old enough to enjoy jumping and chasing waves. Thankfully, the weather was nice enough that his toes didn't turn blue, but he certainly would have stayed out there that long if we let him. After a rogue wave plastered him to the sand, we dried his tears and decided to head back to the house... to which Owen threw an even bigger fit and insisted on heading back for more salty fun.
Other highlights of the weekend:
After talking about it for YEARS, Sara and I escaped for a morning at the spa. I think that's a new tradition.
Scott was able to test out his new cylocross bike on a ride down the coast with Ryan.
Luke brought surfboards, so Scott got to test the waves for the first time.
We had enough food and snacks to last another weekend.
Owen had a fantastic time and Josh despite continuing with horrible sleep patterns, Josh was a trooper as well. He really didn't like the long drive in the car though, but we have definitely mellowed as parents of two and driving with a fussing baby didn't illicit the stress level that it would have 2 years ago.

We'll be back next year!

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