Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Owen love snuggling with Josh. In fact, he has been known to throw a tantrum if he doesn't get his baby snuggles in when Josh first wakes up. Josh, in turn, lights up with shear delight and often lets out a happy squeal when he sees Owen's grinning face.

The other morning, Josh was chilling on the bed while Owen got dressed. Owen then requested that I cover them both up with the blanket and I watched with delight as the two of them snuggled in their own little world for a few minutes.
Owen was whispering over and over, "You're my sweetie, sweetheart. Sweetheart Josh-a-roo. You're my big sweetie." Of course with Owen's inability to pronounce the "sw" combination, the whole thing sounded like, "You're my fweetie, fweetheart. Fweetheart Josh-a-roo." I can't imagine it would get much better than that.


Katie said...

Sweetest pictures ever!! I can just feel the brotherly love! This makes me look forward to having two little ones. I hope Molly Kate loves Walker as much as Owen loves Josh! You captured some adorable moments. Doesn't this make your heart swell? Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

That is so cute! And it makes me smile because Billy ALSO calls Bobby "fweetie." When he goes over to say hi, he says, "Hi Fweetie Fweetie." And sometimes he calls me "Fweetie Mommy." I love it. I love how affectionate these little toddlers can be. I only hope it stays this way for a long time!

Colleen said...

Brothers are THE BEST! These moments are the most precious.

Sara said...

Okay, could that get ANY cuter?? Thanks for these photos--they warm an auntie's heart!