Wednesday, February 03, 2010

3 Months!

Josh hit 3 months last week. What's new baby?

Both Scott and I agree that Josh has really transformed from a newborn into a full fledged baby over the last two weeks. He now has solid head control, core strength, and generally just feels more substantial in your arms. We finally put the newborn clothes in the box and are moving on to bigger sizes.

Josh is a calm, quiet observer. He's always looking around with these big eyes and absorbing everything. He will sit for 15 or 20 minutes calmly listening to Scott play guitar. He seemed to really enjoy our visit to a new church last weekend with the loud music, and he sat through a whole high school basketball last week with very little fussing.

Our daycare provider has declared him "so easy." and over the last few weeks, I couldn't agree more. He just isn't fussy - a sharp contrast to that other child of ours who was still reflux colicky well into month #5. Josh is slow to get mad and his cries are SO QUIET. He's still sleeping in our room, but his cries don't even wake Scott up at night. The few times that he has gotten really worked up or screamed about something, I am totally taken by surprise.

Josh is in bed from about 8 PM to 7 AM, though that does include two wake-ups for feedings (though right back to sleep), and usually a fussy spell around 5 or 6 when he needs some help getting back to sleep. I love having him in our room and the chance to get some extra snuggles when we pull him into our bed on weekend mornings.

Daytime sleep is still hit or miss. He's generally good for an hour nap in the morning and a mid day nap that will last as long as someone is willing to hold him. (Seriously, over the weekend, he fell asleep in the car seat, slept like that for 2 1/1 hours, and then slept in my arms for another hour after that. Crazy!) Just like Owen, he needs that third nap in the evening, though a 1/2 hour in the swing will usually suffice.

He still has the most kissable head... and cheeks... and tummy.

Josh loves being naked. I get the best smiles before his bedtime bath when he lies on the floor for a little massage and just wiggles, wiggles, wiggles. A few times, he's wiggled his way right off his towel or spun 90 degrees while I'm setting up the bath.

He's started sitting in the Bumbo seat, so he can join us at the table while we eat dinner or cook meals, but his little body is still a bit too small for the seat, so he's not always happy about the arrangement.

He's definitely the second child - we just don't have as many picture to post and share, he takes the big brother love in stride, and he often gets used as a prop in Owen's play. (In this picture, Owen had built a train track out of puzzle pieces and we needed someone to be the train.)

Josh loves his play mat with the hanging toys - I put him there every morning while we eat breakfast, and he's happy to kick the toys and look in the mirror.

He's lifting his head pretty well during tummy time. He's still not reaching for objects, but getting better at holding on when he accidentally comes into contact with something. Last night, I caught him staring intently at his fist, as if he was thinking, "Is that MINE??"

We love, love, love him!


SBM said...

I love the final photo "the sandwich!" sooo cute. It was fun reading about Josh's progress and temperament. what a cutie.

Colleen said...

SO CUTE! Josh sounds like such a sweet little guy. And such a nice change from the colic/reflux! Hooray for "easy" and of course ADORABLE baby Josh!