Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Yea Seattle!

We are in the midst of a true Seattle Vacation. (Photos to come later.) We haven't been "home" for this long since we moved to Bend and we are making the most of it. We are seeing friends and family, but setting our own schedule and playing tourist along the way.

Highlights so far:
- A surprise visit to the Husky tailgate on Saturday.
- Watching our Dawgs play tough against LSU (on TV), seeing the new coaches getting fired up on the sideline, and feeling the Husky pride returning to Seattle.
- Enjoying a quiet (rainy!) day up at Lake Ki and catching up with Carole and Jason.
- An mini reunion with my Dad's family that ended up not so mini; getting to see all my cousins' kids (many for the first time) run around.
- An impromptu dinner with Jeff, Ethel, Conrad & Glenna.
- Today's trip to the zoo with Sara and Cousin Calla.
- Owen and Calla playing together and giggling, giggling, giggling.
- Time to drive, walk, and wander through Phinney/Greenwood - our old neighborhood.
- A much smoother than expected drive up and Owen literally clapping and yelling with joy as we drove across the bridge and into the City... "Yea Seattle! Tunnel! 'nother Tunnel! Yea Bridge! I see lots Space Needles. Bus! 'nother Bus! 'nother Bus! That man wearing purple! Yea Seattle!" Our sentiments exactly.

We have more fun plans to visit the waterfront, see Wicked at the Paramount, compare pregnant bellies with Amy, watch a live game in Husky Stadium (Go Dawgs!), and attend a baby shower and wedding. Not bad for 10 days, huh?


Colleen said...

SO FUN!!!!! And you are making me totally homesick! You must post a picture of you and Amy and those adorable preggo bellies together. And I love the giggling with cousins. Every stage with these kids is so fun! And althought they lost, UW held their own against LSU. It was a pretty great game!

I am Kate Maxwell said...

you kinda make me wanna be in seattle.

Carmen Goetschius said...

So fun! I am glad you are soaking up all of these wonderful Seattle excursions! Happy Vacationing!

Katie said...

Sounds like ya'll are having a wonderful trip at "home" in Seattle! Wish we could be there too! Chad had a blast and made it home last night. He sent my pictures from the family reunion and everyone looks great - especially you with your cute little pregnant belly! I know my mom is having a great time with her brothers - they are keeping her busy. Enjoy the rest of your vacation home! So glad ya'll are having a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

It was GREAT seeing you, Scott, and Owen, along with the rest of the family!!! We counted 32 of us at the family get-together!!! I LOVED being with my family, and it makes me miss ya'll even more!!! Love you, Aunt Tracey