Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seattle Funnies

Owen pulled Scott up onto this bench outside Grandma's house and declared, "I want sit and watch world go by." And he did, for a good 15 minutes, just watching the activity on the street. Where does he get this stuff.

After most meals, Owen has a strange habit of wanting to physically run from one end of the house to the other. Maybe it's the need to burn the energy built up after sitting for a whole 8 minutes? At my parent's house, he ran laps, but at Jeff & Ethel's he had Tika as a partner for the wind sprints between the kitchen and TV room. "Run Tika! Run Tika! Chase Me! Tika Run!"

Owen quickly developed a great affinity for Amy's son, Sam - probably because he's such a big kid (6 months older). Sam loved showing off his favorite park, but also had some classic toddler reactions when playing with this new kid and found himself sitting in time out a couple times early in the morning. Amy was wonderfully consistent in her reactions, and we moved on with our morning - Owen following Sam's lead at every step of the way. And since that morning, Owen has told me at least once/day, "I want have a time out." Hmm...

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Carmen Goetschius said...

Cute, wee little boys... "watch the world go by"? Do you say that? Your little guy is such fun!