Monday, May 18, 2009

Dueling Laptops

Tonight is one of those evenings when both Scott and I are sitting on the couch staring at the computer screen. Only this time we have dueling laptops ... we got a new computer! We have to do our part to stimulate the economy right? So our tax refund went to Best Buy and a new HP laptop that is super slick and with gabs more memory than the 5 year old machine sitting on my lap. Now begins the long process of transferring files, so our pictures are in digital purgatory until we get things up and running, so I updated the blog background design to give you something new to look at.

Our evening:
I've said before how the 5-6 o'clock hour is a tough one in our house. I walk in the door with a mental list of tasks to accomplish, a hungry belly, and a nearly 2-year old that just wants attention after a long day at school. Today, turned out awesome because I was able to put Owen to work on a few of those tasks.
He pushed our rolling garbage can all the way in from the curb (I wish I had pictures - the can is double his height), and then helped me shuck corn on the cob for dinner. That kid is just happier with a job to do!

Finally, hooray for the second trimester! I still have bouts of exhaustion (i.e. after a Saturday in the sun without enough water), but my stomach is no longer rebelling. Of course, this also brings the frustrating phase where none of my pants fit, but there's no way I'm pulling out the maternity box yet. We'll see how far a little creativity and my Bella Band will get me...


Colleen said...

Praise to the Bella Band! And congrats on the new computer, that's so fun!

Cailean said...

Great idea to give him something to do! Same with my little boy - if he gets wiggly and wild I just give him a task. Amazing! And YES I love that Bella Band! They didn't really exist until I was pregnant with Lucy and it was so worth it! In fact I got two and I still use them actually as a tube top in case I have a shirt that's too low cut.

Aunt Tracey said...

Get out the maternity clothes - your tummy gets bigger, quicker, with the second baby!! I enjoy keeping up with ya'll on your blog.
Love, Aunt Tracey

Carmen Goetschius said...

Little Owen... I love that he is such a good helper! Congrats on the new computer! Fun!