Thursday, May 14, 2009

Busy Day

For some reason, my Thursday's tend to be jam packed full. I think because I work a couple hours from home on Thursday, I think of it as my day to get stuff done. Whereas I reserve Friday for more play time because it's my day off to spend exclusively with Owen. Today may have been a bit of overkill. Here's my "completed" list for the day:

- Up and dressed mere milliseconds before Owen got up
- Owen up, read books, get dressed (a rediculously challenging chore these days)
- Breakfast (including scrambled eggs at Owen's request that he then refused to eat)
- Prep double helping of dinner and in the crock pot while Owen watches Elmo
- Vaccuum house with help of a toddler
- Wrestle the cat for trip to the vet
- Drop off the cat, meet with the vet
- Bank
- Playground time, Swim Lessons, back to the playground, all with snacks on the run
- Home for Lunch
- Sweep house, wash cat urine off the walls (reason for the trip to the vet)
- Owen goes down for a nap
- Blessedly long nap lets me get my work done, finish the crock-pot dinner, pasta salad, and miscellaneous extras for a friend with a new baby
- Snacks on the run, while we take dinner to Diana
- Chat with Diana and meet 3 day old Winston, Owen has a minor panic attack when I hold the baby
- Play group at Bouncing off the Walls (we bounce, climb, slide, ride, and laugh ourselves to exhaustion)
- Back to the vet to pick up cat, entertain a 2 year old in the vet office for 30 minutes waiting for the vet, cat is medically fine and probably spraying our walls on purpose. Sweet.
- Home for dinner, more vacuuming, dusting, and prepping for friends coming to visit for the weekend.

I feel productive. And justified in sitting on the couch the rest of the night. At least the only think on the calendar for tomorrow is a walk in the park with friends. I guess that's why I cram it all in on Thursdays...

P.S. This was my day with just one kiddo that thinks cleaning chores are the best game ever. How do people do this with multiple children? How will I do this come November. Yikes!


SBM said...

Items that made me laugh my head off:
Owen asking for scrambled eggs and then refusing to eat them. Been there, done that!

the whole wrestling with the cat/urine on the walls situation. oh dear.

Owen not liking it a bit that you held the baby. I can just picture it.

I'm glad to learn through your blog that Diana had her baby boy!


Carmen Goetschius said...

A night on the couch well-deserved, indeed!! Sheesh!

Happy Week-ending!

emily said...

wow! i guess you hit your second trimester stride! yep, with two kids your expectations will likely have to markedly seems near impossible to get anything done! in retrospect, life with one toddler was such a breeze! things are much more manageable as we're approaching the 6 mos mark, but don't expect too much those first couple of months! i had my second in november too, which was nice b/c lots of family around thanksgiving and christmas to help out...

Sara said...

Oh Goodness. I am exhausted just reading about your day, and am now re-examining my definition of "productive."

Have a GREAT weekend!

Colleen said...

Whew! What a day! But I love that it's all done on Thursday, so Friday can be peaceful. Owen sounds like he is in similar stages as Luke as far as dressing, eating, baby holding, etc. And don't worry, when the time just do and it all seems to work out just fine.

Fawn said...

I'm tired just from reading your post! ;)