Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twittering the Weather

If I was on Twitter, this is what you would have seen yesterday:
9:30 AM - Can they really be predicting snow today and 75 degrees on Saturday?

10:00 AM - Snow April??

1:30 PM - OMG! Hailing sideways. You have got to be kidding me!

3:30 PM - Sun's out. Hail is melting. Must be spring in Central Oregon.

7:00 PM - Spoke too soon. Real snow is falling - and sticking - in April. Insane.

10:00 PM - Going to bed with 1/2 inch of snow on our deck.

7:00 AM - Snow on our grass and deck. Weather forecast says 80 on Sunday. Central Oregon spring weather is insane... but I'll take it if we really get to wear shorts this weekend.

To go with the snow, Owen and I had a funny interaction this morning that showed me just how much he's paying attention. A few weeks ago, he wanted to wear his "boo-oots" to school and I managed to dissuade him by explaining that we wear boots when it's snowing. Problem solved (because it's SPRING!). This morning, as we wandered sleepily downstairs, he looked out the window...
Owen (pointing): "now-ing"
Me: That's right honey, it snowed last night. The grass is snowy.
Owen (thinking, processing, grinning): Boo-oots!

So, he wore his snow boots to school this morning. Grinning the whole way.


Colleen said...

Clever Owen! I'm with you on the weather, it sounds just like here! Four inches on Easter, 68 yesterday, snow forcasted for tomorrow night. Cray-zay!

Carmen Goetschius said...

Too stinking cute... "Boooo- oots!"

But the weather?! Are you kidding me?!?! Gag. I'm dying to wear flip-flops!!

I am Kate Maxwell said...

i love little owen anecdotes.

Cailean said...

Oh sooooo cute when they really "get" some sort of connection about life. What a cute boy! And your twitter monologue is so funny and clever! :)