Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday in Sunriver

We woke up this weekend with nothing particular on the calendar. We wanted to take advantage the nice weather, so we packed up the dog and headed down to walk the trails at Sunriver. I also wanted to check out the nature center, to see if it would be a good field trip for our Friday Mom's group.

The wind and cold (sunny does not necessarily equal warm in April!) did a number on our glove-less fingers, but we made the walk out to the horse stables and the big "ossies"delighted Owen to no end.(Watching from a distance)

(This big guy took one look at Owen and came strolling right over. Owen was freaked out, but much braver in dad's arms.)

(After lots of horse sniffes and kisses, we had a happy, happy kid.)

We didn't get pictures at the nature center, but Owen loved looking at the frogs and snakes. Turned out to be a nice, last minute family adventure to help us get excited for more excursions this spring and summer.

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Colleen said...

I love Sunriver trails! How often have we walked/rode bikes on those on family trips? So fun! And that little picture of Owen at the bottom is so cute!