Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things that Make Grandmas Nervous

Owen doesn't know the word for Monkey, but he does like to make his own little monkey noise when we see them in books. Now that he's growing taller, he's starting to really develop his own set of monkey skills. We're doing our best to keep those daredevil attempts in a controlled environment, but the kid has no fear! On the plus side, it's pretty fun to watch his little brain planning out his next stunt (if only he could think through the consequences...). Another plus is that we know exactly who he gets this from and we're hoping he also got Scott's tough bones and resilient body to go along with the monkey skills.

I don't have pictures of the most impressive stunts: climbing INTO the crib, jumping off short stools, scaling the rock wall at the park, but I did catch some recent father-son circus tricks. These are just your standard walk up the legs back flip, which Owen could do over and over and over and over and, well, you get the picture:

This, on the other hand, might be the one that makes the grandma's cringe:

On the one hand, it probably should make me nervous, but it's hard to be uneasy when Owen is laughing HYSTERICALLY and saying "more, more, more." It only took a few tries for him to get the balance figured out. I think if he wasn't shrieking and laughing so hard, Owen would probably balance on that hand for minutes at a time.


Peg said...

Just think of it as developing great body awareness and control! Making him into a natural...hmmm..gymnast, diver, wrestler, dancer....many possibilities -- maybe he'll want to join the circus! :)

Cailean said...

I love the title for this post :) So what is it about dads and their interest/desire to do that with their kids!! I think little boy giggles are the cutest thing ever!!

Colleen said...

How funny! I think Dad's all have the same playbook. Those are a couple of the boys' favorite daddy stunts too! It sounds like Owen is quite the mover and shaker. I can't believe he can climb into his crib! You are going to have to invest in a trampoline one day, it is like boy heaven!