Friday, February 20, 2009

Not Alone

Here's a question? What do you call someone that you know, but are not friends with. What if it's someone that you do know, but have never really met? Like someone that you were in college with at the same time, but not quite in the same circle. You know their name and what they were involved with and they know the same about you, but if you end up in a social situation with that person you have to make that split second decision of whether you act like a stranger or act like a friend. Do you assume they don't know who you are and introduce yourself, or or do you assume they do know you and just start talking like you've been in touch for years? Awkward!

Well, the internet makes it worse. Now, we have all these people that we know, but don't. Maybe it's someone who's blog you read but have never met. That friend of a friend of a cousin of a co-worker. Do you remember how you found them? Does it matter? Do you leave comments on their blog and try to explain that you have been reading about them and their family and somehow not sound like a total stalker? Or do you stay hidden and just keep reading and feel guilty because blog-stalking feels a bit like spying through the window. I've done, and continue to do both.

Well, one of those people that fits both scenarios above is Annie of I'm so glad that I revealed myself on her blog a few weeks ago, because know I can read in peace and not feel guilty. And she is soooo worth reading.

Ever wonder who it is that works for those crazy companies that secretly steal a bunch of money and then get caught by the SEC? Well, the answer is: perfectly normal, honest people with lives and families just like ours. And they're in a whole lot worse shape than the people who could afford to put their money with those investors in the first place. They're people like Annie, who is living in Nashville, following her musical dream, and temping at that firm that's been all over the news this week.

I feel for her and her now jobless situation. And I am so appreciative her willingness to put her thoughts into words and better express how we've all been feeling. In this recent post, she likens the uncertainty of being nearly jobless with that of being out for a run, eyes fixed on a distant runner ahead. Read it. Thank goodness for the One out in front of us that will show us where to go. If we can just keep our eyes focused on where they need to be and not get distracted by the insanity around us, maybe we can keep breathing and even enjoy the journey.

On this end, I'm so thankful for the distractions that Owen brings each and every day. How can you be frustrated at the world around you if you are wrestling with a giggling toddler before nap time... or wrestling with a screaming toddler who has decided that getting dressed in the morning should be on the list of activities that constitute torture. Seriously? It's pants and a sweatshirt... with race cars on it for goodness sakes! I guess I would be much happier staying in my PJs all day, too, but if I have to get dressed, so does he. I think a nasty cough, early wake-ups, dad working late this week, and a tired mom are contributing to the crummy attitude, but we're doing our best to get things back on track today.

To that end, here are five things that I am thankful for today:
- A morning at the pool with our friends
- Family changing rooms, so I could take a shower (with soap!) after swimming
- Sunny and springlike weather outside, so we can go to the park this afternoon
- A long nap for Owen (approaching 2 hours after I heard him squaking 60 minutes in)
- Fitting in a trip to the pet store this morning (they open at 9!), where I got a new cat litter box (long story) and Owen got to marvel at the hampsters, ferrets, and mice.

Maybe I should include a "thankful" list at the end of every post for a while. I think I need it.


Colleen said...

Good post, Alissa! I love your thoughts on all things! I am glad Owen, in his good and bad moments can distract you from all that other mumbo jumbo going on in all our lives.

Cailean said...

I think "Not Alone" is a perfect title for this post. The economy has really brought us down to the basic core of our souls, I think! My husband's company has been somewhat immune to layoffs in the Seattle division but this year we've been told no raises, bonuses, promotions, etc. We were counting on those things to "make it" and we have also lost a lot of $ in the company stock. It's a scary and trying time and while it's nice to know that we are all in this together, it is still something that my brain always goes back to. I am even more grateful for blogs where we can know we are not alone!

Carmen Goetschius said...

Excellent post my dear. And Annie by the way is one of those people for me as well. I knew her through Margaret Shoop (co-intern at the INN) who was one of her best friends. I should follow her blog. She is braver than I. Now that I am back in the States I find myself hesitating to blog all that reflectively (in case I offend a reader).... Hopefully I'll evolve out of this silly mindset.

Okay, 5 things. I am inspired:
I am thankful for a warm bed and safe apartment. I am thankful that I have always been blessed with GOOD friends. I am thankful for the first signs of spring. I am thankful for snow and sleds. And I am thankful for the wonders of caffeine. :-)

Carmen Goetschius said...
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