Monday, July 21, 2008

Know anyone that wants to buy a truck? Scott posted his truck on Craigslist to see if anyone will show some interest. Not a lot of truck buyers these days, but we are in Central Oregon, so there's a chance.

Scott spent Saturday afternoon getting the cleaned up for pictures, and Owen got to "help" pull in in and out of the garage. It's no secret that this boy loves anything with wheels - I wish I had the camera when he was steering on Scott's lap!


angie said...

hey i just wanted to tell you that i ordered a sling from that toocutebabyslings place you told me about...and it is freakin' adorable. Thanks so much for the advice!

Shannon said...

Any luck on selling the truck? I hope you're getting something fun like that 4 door Jeep (Brian really wants one but alas, I think we'll be getting a Toyota Camry or sticking with our 10 year old Honda).