Saturday, July 12, 2008

Catching Up - 4th of July

FOUR new posts today. I got a little behind recovering from that stomach flu and then enjoying a busy 4th of July weekend with family celebrating Owen's first birthday. Be sure to check out all the pictures is the posts below.

We had all the family here for 4th of July weekend. Ryan and Sara brought baby Calla who has grown so much since we saw her at Memorial Day. She's pulled out of her collicky period, but Sara is still doing some diet experiments to help her upset tummy. I guess reflux runs in our family. Sorry baby Calla! Sara and Calla did get the sling figured out over the weekend and we got to see some of Calla's beautiful personality - smiling, squealing, and kicking around - especially first thing in the morning.
On the 4th of July, we went to the Pet Parade downtown. You have never seen so many dogs all in one place - Owen was in his own personal heaven! I love the parade, anyone can be in it. Just bring your pet or stuffed animal. You can tell the kids (and some adults) love being the center of attention. The parade even had a frog named Sam, a handful of ponies, and two cows!

Through it all, I kept remembering how last year we were at the pet parade in the blazing heat - no idea that we would be welcoming Owen into the world the very next day. After the parade this year, we stopped briefly at the 4th of July festival and Owen got his first tattoo - patriotic to the core, that kid. =)

Other things: Jeff made a great batch of Paella on Thursday evening. Jeff and Ethel finally checked out Alpenglow - our favorite breakfast place. The boys all went golfing EARLY Saturday morning while Sara, Ethel, and I made enough cupcakes to feed an army.

What a weekend!


I am Kate Maxwell and home is said...

i'm sad i missed all the festivities. and yet, i'm glad i'm here. i'll see you guys in just over a month!

Colleen said...

Owen is actually bigger than Luke, if it makes you feel better about his 5th percentile! I love the pic of you kissing his cupcakey face. And the baptism sounds beautiful; with parents like you and Scott I know he will grow up with faith in his heart. Happy birthday Owen!