Monday, June 30, 2008

Correction - Stomach Flu

Turns out stomach flu (not the lentil-barley soup) is to blame for Owen's messy crib last Friday morning. We got an email from daycare on Friday afternoon warning us that an illness was going around. Sure enough, Owen is still sick today (Monday), and I came down with my own version yesterday. Scott even stayed home from work part of today to take care of us. I hate being sick, but Owen is surprisingly upbeat - you would never know his tummy is churning. He's roaming the house, chasing the animals, walking more and more, and today climbed our whole flight of stairs for the first time. Scott thinks maybe he's a happy because he's so used to having a yucky tummy. I, on the other hand, am not happy, but seem to be recovering. Being sick is very low on my list - being sick in 95 degree heat is even lower.

We're just hoping that Scott and John (who was visiting for the weekend) don't catch the funk as well. Also hoping we recover quick, so we are ready to host our family for Owen's birthday this weekend.

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Colleen said...

Hope you are feeling better already! I had it too this weekend, what is up with summertime stomach flu? One year so soon...can you believe it?!