Monday, May 05, 2008

Seattle Trip and More

A lot has been going on with us lately, and I just haven't had a chance to post. (Why can't I turn the underline off this text - urgh!)

Visiting Calla
We had a lovely visit to Seattle to meet our niece, Calla. She is simply amazing - a new life starting to explore her world. Ryan and Sara are doing great as new parents as they navigate the overwhelming newness. I really remember those first days as a parent, and am SO GLAD to be past those early stresses. Sara and I both marveled that Owen was ever that little (or smaller!) and that Calla will soon be as big as Owen. Life is pretty impressive.

Owen LOVED, LOVED, LOVED spending time at new cousin's house. He got all the attention he could take from Ryan and Sara's dog. The two of them wrestled and wiggled, and wore each other out. Best line of the weekend was Ryan walking into the living room... "Um, I love that your son is chewing on a dog toy..." Oops.

Other Visits
While in Seattle, we also attended Tim and Ashley's wedding, stopped in to visit Peg, saw my brother's condo, and had a great lunch with Jonny. Scott and Jon are two peas in a pod, and they had fun showing Owen Jonny's Jeep. Good thing we live far away or Scott would be pushing even harder for a matching vehicle.

Sunny Seattle
Saturday was one of those rare Seattle days where the sun is shining beautifully and EVERYONE heads outside. We took a great walk around Ryan and Sara's house and showed Owen why we love Seattle. Days like that make us miss our old neighborhood (we drove by the house), but the traffic that comes with those days did a great job of bashing the nostalgia. 30 minutes to drive through Wallingford? Seriously.

Nana Visit
My mom has been here this week. Both grandmas certainly spoil us when they are in town and this week was no exception.

Running Himself Ragged
Owen is officially "motor-in" (sing the song when you read that). He's getting up and down from standing and crawling across rooms to get to the next target. Last Thursday, he roamed around the house so much that he was EXHAUSTED by bedtime - awesome! Fun movements lately:
- Every night, we strip off his clothes and put him on the floor of his room. He crawls out the door, into the bathroom, and pulls up to standing at the tub - ready for my bath!
- A couple days ago, I put him on the floor near the kitchen and dashed to the bathroom. When I came back around the corner, I didn't see him right away. I checked the kitchen, laundry room, and finally found him in the living room standing at the computer - just like mom and dad!
- Owen's walking along solid walls now. That means nothing is really off limits.
- This series of photos were taken rapid fire as Owen explored the hallway and then did a 180 and headed for his toys in the front room...

Shout out to Aunt Kate - notice Owen is sporting his Alaska onesie!

Sick Kiddo
Right now, Owen has some goopy illness. He's on meds for pink eye and I'm taking him into the Dr tomorrow to check for an ear infection or whatever else is causing a fever. I stayed home from work with him today, and may have to do the same tomorrow. Although Owen was pretty miserable all day, I did really enjoy having an extra day home with him.


I am Kate Maxwell and home is in said...

i LOVE your kid. and that he's wearing an alaska onesie!

I am Kate Maxwell and home is in said...

and that is an unfortunate picture of calla... she really does look much better.

Colleen said...

Owen is SO CUTE! It is so fun to see him getting so big! I am sure he is keeping you on your toes. Sorry about the pink eye though, we have had a bout or two of that...nasty thing isn't it?!

Jen said...

I wish you were closer as well, it would be so much fun to see you guys and Owen. The end is getting quite near, which is truly exciting. Unfortunately I think that senioritis will begin soon, it might have already started- uh oh!! I am sure you can remember those days!