Saturday, May 17, 2008

Picture Day!

Wednesday was picture day at daycare. Pretty funny be be dressing a 10 month old up for "school pictures" but I still picked out my favorite shirt and pants for Owen. Of course, since he's been vomit free for the last 4-5 weeks, he chose that morning to vomit on his jeans 3 times. Oh well, clothes dry.

I'm not sure how they got the kids to sit still for pictures. Most of the ones I tried to take turned out like this:

But I did get one good one.


Sara said...

Yay for first Mother's Days! Mine was wonderful, too. Chocolate croissants for breakfast, a White Chocolate Mocha in the afternoon, and not having to lift a finger with chores. Perhaps you and I can have a "spa" day some other time and leave the boys in charge of the kiddos! Also...I think the photo in the middle (of newborn Owen) reminds me a lot of newborn Calla! Go figure... :)

Sara said...

oops. i meant for my comment to appear for the previous post. chalk it up to sleep deprivation!

Jen said...

He is so adorable! Owen looks like such a happy kid!!!

Colleen said...

That is a great shot! He looks beautiful, Alissa!