Tuesday, February 12, 2008

7 Month Update

Two things are marking Owen at 7 months: teeth and movement. We had a fussy week, and I thought Owen was getting a cold, but instead he's teething. For the most part, he's taking it well, but his sleeping is suffering a bit. Not that I can blame him - pushing teeth through your gums can't be pleasant.

Owen also figured out how to move this weekend. He's not crawling, but he's rolling and making these "fish out of water" wiggles to get where he wants to go. It's really fun to see him set his sights on something and then figure out how to get there. On Sunday, I put him on his play mat (sitting up) and 10 minutes later, he had moved across the floor to check out the coffee table. Scott's mom was here this weekend and she kept looking around and saying, "hmmm... this will be interesting" I think watching Owen move brought back memories of Scott's activity level as a kid. We've got our work cut out for us!

I have always felt like babies start really showing their personality around 7 months, and that is certainly true for Owen. He is:
- An explorer - trying to get his hands on everything.
- A musician - loves the guitar and making his own music with toys, spoons, or his feet.
- A wiggly machine - no sitting still for this guy.
- A gymnast - loves being upside down
- A big eater - carrots, squash, sweet potato, peas, pears, parsnip, celery
- An animal lover - still gets a kick out of watching the dog or petting the cats
Owen is still a pretty high intensity baby. When he's tired or frustrated, the fussiness shows up in full force. And yes, he still has the reflux issue. However, we are really enjoying seeing glimpses of the little boy he is going to be. So fun!


Colleen said...

Hooray for such a CUTE and FUN Owen! I love that not crawling moving, you think you are safe, but no! They get what they want when you aren't expecting it!

Kate said...

i wanna come see the kiddo move... when the passes open... hopefully i'll be able to.