Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The New Do

I decided that after 6 months of mommy-hood, it was probably time to get a real haircut. Not to mention the need to get my hair away from grabbing fingers. The task was harder than normal because my normal stylist has since moved away - bugger! I tracked down a recommendation and make an appointment. Since I got on the schedule, Colleen posted about her post-baby haircut and Jill showed up at church with a super cute new bob. I guess I'm not the only one who needed a refreshing change. Sooo... here's the new cut. The picture is kind of dark and I'm showing my end of the day tired-ness, but I'm pretty pleased.

As an added bonus, I think I've found a new stylist, that's pretty quick, friendly, and reasonably priced. At least I should be able to keep my hair in style.

My wardrobe is a whole different story. I realized that on my non-work days, I'm pretty much rotating 4 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, and a couple hoodies.
(For full disclosure, the shirts all have some sort of faint stain, so the hoodies get the full zip when we leave the house.) For now, I'm just going to acknowledge and embrace my "mommy wardrobe," but once Owen stops spewing, I'm buying new clothes to celebrate. =)


Peg said...

Nice do!!! Very cute. And...don't worry too much about the wardrobe - I'm sure you'll be able to update before another Maxwell kid comes along :) - oh...don't panic!


Tackling Life Day by Day said...

Love the new look!!! It is adorable!!!

go cougs said...

Like the look. Looks good on you.