Monday, October 08, 2007

Sleeping Baby

Things that will put Owen to sleep:
- Riding in the car (usually)
- Riding in the front pack (every time)
- Sitting in my sling while I vaccuum the house (worked today)
- Rocking while I read a story or sing (normal nap method)
- His bedtime routine: take a bath, change clothes, nurse, calm music and rocking with Dad, swaddle and... SLEEP

Things that will wake Owen up:
- Hunger
- Wet diaper
- 7 AM
- Moving the carseat from the loud car to the quiet house - go figure!

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Hockey said...

Hey Alissa! What a beautiful baby! I found your lovely blog from a link off Mike's blog. What a world we live in.
No baby's here in my household yet....but wow, all my friends are in the throws of them. :)
Keep in touch!