Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happendings November 2012

You know it was a season of survival instead of enjoyment when you look back at your photos and see only 4 images captured in a whole month!

November 2012:
Alissa accepted a new job, working for Brown and Caldwell. It was tough to leave Otak after almost 12 years, but BC is a great fit for me right now - I'm learning a lot from my co-workers and finally working for local clients.

Scott accepted a new job with Bremik construction (and then accepted a counter-offer from HSW and then changed his mind again, but that's a whole different story!) In the end, he's also in a great new job, doing what he wants to be doing, with more responsibility and great co-workers.

We tackled some last minute projects around the house, in order to get our re-appraisal and refinance this crazy renovation loan.  In the end... success!

Goals for 2013 - less change!!

The boys tackled swim lessons yet again - Josh for the first time without a parent.  He took to it like, well, a fish to water.  Great first experience, and we found a new babysitter in his first teacher.

Owen also had an awesome swimming experience.  When I saw his class of FIVE BOYS, I thought his teacher was doomed, but Allison was just what those boys needed and had all of them side breathing and really SWIMMING after the 4 week session.

We hosted Thanksgiving here for both families, finally giving our dual ovens a chance to operate at their full potential.

The boys (individually or together) were invited to many classmates' birthdays throughout the fall.  It was another confirmation that this school is a good fit for us - both parents and kids are very inclusive and the kids are generally well behaved and respectful (for preschoolers). Each event we go to is an encouragement to me... it also gives us a chance to check out all the indoor activities around Portland - Playdate PDX, bouncing places, family fun center, etc. A little different than Bend, when we could still get away with group birthdays, picnics in the park, or even a sledding day!

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