Friday, July 13, 2012

Cleaning House

I've never been accused of keeping a spotless house. I blame it on the kids and the shedding animals, but lack of motivation is probably the more likely cause. This house is certainly in need of some TLC, and while I would love to be using "green" and environmentally friendly cleaning products, sometimes the chemicals are required.

Or... Sometimes you just gotta replace and start over, which so far has been the case with the carpet, kitchen appliances, and bathroom fixtures. It's a wonder how much cleaner a bathroom feels with a new faucet and shower head.

My cleaning history was brought to the surface early in our move when Owen wandered into the too where my mom was washing windows. She was wearing the rubber gloves I use to clean bathrooms and he said, utterly perplexed, "Nana, what are those?!" embarrassing? Yup. But not quite as bad as when Josh walked in 5 minutes later and asked the exact.same.question.

Tonight I pulled another quality move: the housework has accumulated since we have been out of town or hosting guests for the last 3 weekends. I was determined to make some headway during my Friday home. Swept floor? Check. Shaken rugs? Check. Vacuum carpets? Check. Mopped floor? Check. Things are starting to look great. And THEN I decide to make pizza for dinner... From scratch... With the kids helping.

As they say, "cleaning house while raising kids is like shoveling snow in a blizzard."

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Stephanie said...

Love it! My kids have done the exact same thing with our vacuum cleaner. Only *I* was using it. And they wanted to know why I got it out since normally our house cleaner is the only one to use it. And she comes only twice per month. Eek!