Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby Ellie

I thought this was going to be a Wordless Wednesday, but Baby Ellie deserves some words.  When Jon and Jess stayed with us last spring, they brought along their real, live Baby Ellie (who, at 10 months was bigger than Josh at 18, by the way).  Well, Ellie's baby doll got left behind, Josh took a liking to her, and named her...Ellie!

Side note: At least we know where Josh's baby name came from. 
Owen also has a baby doll, that he inexplicably (and without a doubt) has named "Kay-lay." 
Scott and I have debated the spelling... Kaylay? Kahlay? Caelay?, 
but we are both clueless as to where he came up with that name.  
Any ideas on that one are welcome.

Josh and Ellie were best buddies for a period.  Now, she doesn't get a lot of attention on a day to day basis, but she has become an essential traveling companion. Ellie and the bandana that serves as her swaddling blanket. A bandana that I have swaddled and re-swaddled more times than I ever swaddled either of my real babies!  Josh and Ellie share some tender moments, well, as tender as a 2-year-old can be. Many nights before Josh heads up for bed, he grabs Ellie, hold her close, whispers "nigh, nigh, E-ee," and then flings open the game cabinet, tosses her inside, slams the door shut, and sprints out of the room.

A boy and his girl.


Phyllis said...

Don't they have a cousin (friend?) named Calla? Maybe that's where the other baby's name came from.

Our mystery name is Gaia. Why does Asya call her blanket that? It was one of her first words. Now we have Asya's Gaia and Bogdan's Gaia.

Katie said...

Adorable! This is so sweet. I love the bandana that serves as a swaddling blanket. And I love that boys play with dolls - Walker does too. I feel it helps them learn to care for others and to be compassionate human beings. One day their wives and children will thank us! :)

Colleen said...

Josh is going to make a great daddy one day, as long as he grows out of that throwing into a closet thing! :) He and Tommy could play dollies together! Tommy still loves "Baby" and has now adopted a second of my preschool class baby dolls for snuggling. I only have two left for my preschoolers, so I have to hide them from him!

Alissa Maxwell said...

That's brilliant Phyllis! Although Kaylay was named after Owen could pretty clearly pronounce Calla, that's probably the closest similar name we know.