Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Rest of Spring

Now that it's the middle of summer and we are basking in glorious 80+ degree days, I thought I better go back and make a few notes of some of our Spring adventures. March, April, and May generally felt like we were just WAITING. Waiting for the weather improve, waiting for the chance to plant, waiting for the snow to stop, waiting for summer. We heard that spring skiing conditions up on the mountain were fantastic, but we never made it up on the slopes because by April, you are soooo mentally done with the cold weather. When it's 34 degrees and snowing in January, I'm motivated to bundle the kids up and head outside. When it's 40 degrees in April, the last thing I want to do is break out the winter coats and mittens ONE MORE TIME.

On the other hand, when I look back through my pictures, it seems like we did have a pretty eventful spring. Rather than try and back post, I just want to get these photos uploaded, so they make it in our memory books someday!

Scott and I ran a 5K for Healthy Beginnings.
My friend Jen continued to host monthly "Environmental Ed" sessions for our kiddos. She does an amazing job putting together age appropriate lessons on each topic - reptiles, amphibians, birds, etc. - with stories, crafts, games, and outdoor explorations. This was the session the kids learned about fish.

My friend Shannon and her parents hosted an amazing Easter Egg hunt and brunch, complete with hundreds of eggs, crafts and sugar cookies galore, and the most amazing view as the backdrop for the hunt.
The boys started playing together - here they're playing "knights" riding their horses through the house. They also cranked the wrestling and terrorizing each other up a notch! Another reason warm weather and outside play could not come soon enough!

We made a short trip to Seattle to surprise Scott's parents with a joint 60th birthday celebration. An amazing dinner at Canlis with the whole family (well, minus the kids!).

While in Seattle, Aunt Kate taught Owen how to ride a scooter. And Scott, of course, had to take Josh for a ride as well!

Our friends, Jon and Jess were down for a visit from Bellingham to participate in the Pole, Pedal, Paddle. We all got to meet baby Ellie, who turns 1 in July and could easily win an "easiest baby" contest hands down.
During the race (note: miserably rainy!), we toted all three kids around the race course and laughed at how different it was than the first couple years we lived in Bend and were PARTICIPANTS in the PPP.

The boys rode their bikes in the Commute Options kids parade.

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