Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Events - Garbage Field Trip

A little catch up...

We had one of our most surprisingly enjoyable field trip to kick off the summer. Jen organized a trip for us to visit... wait for it... the Garbage Company! Bend Garbage and Recycling welcomed us into their recycling center and put on a wonderful display for our wide-eyed preschoolers.

First, we got to see a display of how the trucks work to pick up both garbage cans and dumpsters. Then, the kids each got to take a turn in the driver seat and practice honking the horn. We finished up with a tour of the recycling area, watching the trucks, fork lifts, and compacted recycling piled floor to ceiling.

More than the events themselves, the staff at BG&C were so enthusiastic and welcoming. They arranged the whole tour just for our group and we even ended up with the president of the company out with us taking pictures (like those below) and answering questions. It really was awesome. Who would have thought that a trip to look at garbage would be such a hit?!


Colleen said...

What a great idea for an outing. I can imagine what a hit that was with the kids...and the grown ups too!

SBM said...

Boo hoo. Anatole would have LOVED this! Just this morning we were walking to school and stopped to watch the garbage truck in our neighborhood. He's fascinated! So glad the kids got to have this experience and that the group is still doing fun field trips!