Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Baby J is 8 months!

Josh hit the 8 month mark on June 25th. True to form, he was kind of at the "more of the same" point at the end of June, but the last week has brought some significant changes. At 8 1/2 months, Josh is:

A Food Avoider: After 3 months of trying, Josh is finally eating some food. We've tried all our tricks, but in the end, I think Josh just needed a little bit more time to get ready. Now, he's doing a few bites of pureed fruit and veggies, plus cheerios, puffs, saltines, or graham crackers at every meal. This weekend, he delighted us by opening his mouth without major cajoling on our part. He's also very clearly signals he's finished by trumpetting his the lips that spits any remaining food across the table.

A Nature Lover: Josh is our nature lover! At daycare, he LOVES to sit in the grass and explore the textures. He is constantly trying to pull the leaves off our plants. He was completely entertained by his own sprig of basil while I made dinner the other day. He dug and kicked the sand forever at the beach. After our recent camping trip, I've been joking that we should just set up a tent for him in the backyard for the summer because he was peaceful and content watching the woods and then ate and slept so well, Scott kept asking "who's kid is that?"

A Music Lover: Dad's guitar is still a hit and we were told that Josh squealed with such delight at the piano at daycare that he nearly hyperventilated. An impromptu guitar concert by the grandparents on 4th of July brought a similar result.

A Lazy Roller: The motivation for movement is starting to surface, but Josh has been a front to back roller for several weeks and just today, he FINALLY rolled from back to front. I think crawling is a few months off, but he could surprise us.

A Talker: Josh has one "word" that he repeats in great frequency - ala, ala, ala - and loves to carry on a conversation of alternating "ala"s.

A Sleeper (....just kidding): Sleep is slowly improving. We cut him down to one feeding a night, which has reduced the night waking and helped me get over the fear that he was waking up from hunger. Now, we're working on putting him to bed "drowsy but awake," but most days he is so exhausted from all the excitement that he conks out 2 minutes into nursing. He probably needs a bit earlier bedtime, but it's a miracle if we're done with dinner before 6:30, so we do what we can.

A Budding Wrestler: Josh is quickly learning to hold his own in the daily brother wrestling matches. A separate post on those events is on the way.

A Little Swimmer: Josh LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the pool. I was hesitant about how I would be able to manage 2 kids at the pool this summer, but we went twice in one week when the weather heated up. Josh hung out in my lap, kicking, swimming arms, and floating confidently on his back for over an hour. If you're trying to find us this summer, you know where to look.

Owen's new nickname for Josh: "Josh-a-bee!"

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Katie said...

Josh-a-bee looks like a living doll - he is adorable and his smile lights up his little face! Can't believe he is 8 months old. Babies grow way too fast!