Friday, November 13, 2009

The Moby

Scott and I love gear. Who doesn't? When we found out we were pregnant with Owen, the FIRST baby gear purchase we made was a backpack carrier. Since that time, the one piece of baby gear that we seem to have an abundance of is the carrier. With Owen, we started with the Snugli (like a Baby Bjorn). We also have two "Too Cute Baby Slings" that we used every day through the colic months and well beyond. When Owen hit 8 months old, we also got an Ergo carrier that is still the preferred carrying method over that fancy backpack.

For Josh, Shannon lent me her Ergo infant insert, so that should be great for walking with our friends. However, the only piece of gear I really wanted to add to our collection was the Moby Wrap. Now, a three weeks into this baby's life, I can say I love, love, love the Moby because:

1. It's rated (and works well) for babies as little as 5 pounds. All our other carriers really need a bigger body.

2. It gives me two arms free. My sling gives me about an arm and a half, which works for doing dishes and making easy dinner, but two full arms seem to be key when chasing a toddler.

3. Full back support. Of course, ask me if that's really true once Josh puts on some pounds.

4. Cozy fabric design keeps Josh warm.

5. One size fits all means Scott and I can both wear it.

6. Josh seems to be one of those babies that doesn't like to be on his own (not such a fan of the bouncy seat or even his little crib), so we're loving the ability to keep him on us without being confined to the couch.

7. Full wrap covers Josh from head to two, protecting him (a bit) from those nasty flu germs floating around when we're out in public. It's my preferred method of implementing the "look but don't touch" message.

8. Machine washable!!

On the downside, Josh has a lovely peanut smell this morning because I've already managed to drop my peanut butter toast on his head ... sticky side down. Nice!

Josh helping dad make cinnamon rolls (sitting upright like a kangaroo):
Josh dancing with mom after dinner (he's sitting sideways like in a sling):


Anonymous said...

Send a picture of you and Josh and that snuggy you carry him in - I've got to see it!!! Love, Aunt Tracey

emily said...

i concur, the moby is rad! and so easy to use. i also used a ring sling tons and then the ergo when kids too big for moby or sling. i too borrowed an infant insert (for torin) but didn't care for it too much. that's the great thing about borrowing gear!

angie said...

sticky side down...poor kid.
but that thing sounds amazing.

Colleen said...

Tommy, Adam and I are in the Moby fan club too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures!!! Now I know what a Moby is!!!! Love, Aunt Tracey