Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grandmas are Great

It's a week of awesome grandmas around here. Scott's mom stopped by on her way down to a California wedding last week and is back this week helping out. I've been able to put in a couple extra half days at work while she watches Owen - may seem silly, but it SIGNIFICANTLY lowers my stress level to check the stuff off my list at work. Last week, we made freezer meals, and this week she's cleaned my house from top to bottom. On one hand, it's pretty embarrassing to have someone see the "ick" we've been living in (in our defense, I wasn't doing any cleaning in the midst of the big painting project). On the other hand, having someone witness the mess up close is TOTALLY worth it for the sparkling result in the end.


On the other side of the world, my mom is busy playing soccer in the World Masters Games in Sydney. Her over 50 team of women from Seattle and the East Coast seems to be dominating with a 5-0 record so far and not a single goal allowed. Thursday they play the other top team and then Friday is the semis. Of course, my mom is the one who managed to get a concussion in game #4 and is (thankfully) being smart to sit out a few games. She may be back on the field if they make Sunday's final.

Not to be discounted, the grandpas are getting in on the action as well. Jeff comes into town on Thursday and will join us at Friday's Pumpkin Patch field trip before driving back to Seattle with Ethel. My dad heads off to Sydney on Sunday and, in addition to enjoying the sights, I think his main challenge will be to keep my mom from catching an early plane back to Seattle. As much as we would like them here when baby arrives, I would feel awful if they cut their vacation short only to loiter here in Bend waiting for a baby that decides to take his time. Or worse, get here and find out that the H1N1 restrictions* don't allow them in the hospital. Message to Baby - WAIT for November 1.

*We found out this week that the hospital has restricted visitors to "immediate family members 13 years and older." We don't yet know that that means for grandparents. =( We DO know that Owen won't be allowed to meet baby brother until we bring him home. In addition to missing out on those classic photos of our family snuggled on the hospital bed, I'm going to be missing my kiddo like crazy and pushing to get baby out of that virus factory and home (to our clean house!) ASAP.


Cailean said...

You mom sounds amazing!!! And your mother in law too! How wonderful. I'm sorry to hear about the restrictions - at least you know now so you can mentally prepare for what you can't experience rather than it being sprung on you last minute. I will say that I really cherished my "quiet time" in the hospital after having our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th kids. Being there with just the new little baby with my other kids sleeping at home (or whatever) was really great. But then again not having them visit at all would have been hard. At least it probably won't be for more than a day or two!

SBM said...

Wow, both grandmas are extremely impressive! Since Anatole and I are flying to the States in a few weeks I called our local doctor and asked about being vaccinated for H1N1. He informed me that Denmark has a very limited supply of the vaccine and is only vaccinating at-risk groups like the sick and elderly. I am hoping and praying that we stay healthy before, during, and on the return trip. I'm sad for you that Owen can't be there to welcome his new brother. But it will be so exciting for him when he gets to give him a big hug and kiss at home.

Colleen said...

I love grandparents! How wonderful to have them. Your mom has always been so amazing, I am glad her team is kicking butt! I am hoping for that Nov. 1st deadline for you!! Our hospital has H1N1 restrictions too, I knew there were no kids allowed under age 12, but I didn't think to check to see if my mom could be there. I sure hope so!!!