Thursday, August 14, 2008


New Skill: Climbing
Mom's Response: 1) Yikes! 2) Grab the camera.

Onto the jogging stroller.
In and out of the box of pop. Not quite up onto the cooler. Hard to keep a straight face when you walk downstairs to this:
...and last he had both Scott and I laughing when he was playing with a bucket of water on the porch. Playing with water is nothing special, but add the new climbing skill. What do you get - BABY IN A BUCKET! Silly boy.

A couple other notes:
- I love the Olympics! Why are all the "prime time" events shown after 10 PM. I know that's when it's live on the east coast, but why tape delay it for the West Coast - we could be watching this stuff at 7 PM!! Urgh.
- Liz was here yesterday! She has a tennis tourney in Sunriver and drove down early to spend the afternoon/evening with us. I think the last time I saw Liz was at my baby shower a year and a half ago, but you would never believe it by how easy our conversation was. We took Owen to Drake Park for the last Munch n' Music, so Liz could get a real feel for why we love Bend.
- We leave tomorrow for 5 days a the coast. Hooray - bring on the sand!


Jen said...

I have been trying to watch the Olympics too, however, I have been falling asleep with the tv on. I must say I was laughing when I saw the last picture with Owen in the bucket- quite adorable!

Colleen said...

That bucket picture is SO CUTE! What a little busy boy! And where did all that cute baby chub come from?! He is definitely over that whole preemie thing! Have fun on the coast, can't wait to see pictures!

Mike said...

Great pictures. Especially the last one.