Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sporty Moms with Boys

Owen had his 9 month doctor visit today. I'm so pleased with our choice of pediatrician - Bend Memorial Clinic Pediatrics is awesome. Stats: 26 1/2 inches, 16 lb 12 oz. Back to the 5th percentile in both categories. I'm glad Owen is back on the chart, even if it is the 5th percentile. Okay, so may have skewed the "weigh in" just a bit by loading him up on a bottle in the waiting room... that's not cheating is it?

Just for the record, it legitimately snowed this week. At least an inch over night on Tuesday. I had to pull the boots back out to take Owen to daycare. I am SO OVER winter. Any great ideas for a vacation with a toddler this August? Do not say Disneyland. I was thinking Bahamas until l remembered that August is hurricane season. Maybe Mexico...

I am AT LEAST hoping for warm weather tomorrow, so we can go walking with my mom friends. Such a blessing to have found these women - smart, active, funny - and all with boys Owen's age. We strap the kids on our back or in the jogging stroller and chat while we walk the awesome trails around Bend. As the kids get bigger, we're getting stronger, and the boys all do a pretty good job of napping through the laughter.

We always marvel that we don't have any little girls in our walking group, but I think sometimes you get the gender you are supposed to get. Is it any wonder that all these sporty moms were given boys to raise? Not that you can't do sporty things with girls (obviously, we are a group of sporty girls ourselves), but I think there's a little bit more leeway to be rough and tumble with a little boy. (Though I do hope that if we ever have a girl, Scott will still wrestle with her like he does with Owen, the laughter is contagious!) Anyway, I also think that little boys are a bit more likely to land their parents in the urgent care center for stitches or foreign objects up the nose. So those of us that were given boys had better be calm under pressure and not stress about blood and dirt. Note: when we had our "it's a boy" ultrasound, I think the first question I asked Scott was, "How's our health insurance?" We knew what we were getting into.

For now, I'm grateful for moms to laugh with and amazed that we are going to be celebrating first birthdays in just a few short months!


Auntie Sara said...

You know, I was just thinking that as soon as we found out we were having a girl, it just seemed right. We'd love a boy, too, of course, but in these past months, we've really grown attached to the idea of a daughter. Let's hope the ultrasound is right...hopefully we'll find out soon!

Colleen said...

Boys are the best, but (knock on wood) I do have to say with four of them, we have only been to urgent care twice for boy-style bumps and bruises, and both were for Josh. Owen is doing great...isn't it nice to get out of that infant stuff and into the nitty gritty?!