Friday, November 09, 2007

4 months - The Happy Spewer

Things Owen Loves at 4 months old:

Dad's guitar

His Ball - Yum.


And of course, HIS BATH! We have a great video I'll have to post.

Things Owen is not so sure about at 4 months old:

Cisco the Cat

Things Owen does not like at 4 months old:
Tummy Time

We're excited that Owen has reached the 4 month mark. His nickname is officially, "The Happy Spewer" because the Axid medication has really helped his comfort level amid the vomiting. However, he's showing increased respiratory distress (coughing, gagging, straining to clear his airway - yikes!) so we've switched him to a stronger medicine. It's been a rough couple days while we wait for the new meds to take effect. Owen is pretty unhappy and I was so soggy by noon yesterday that I decided NOT to change clothes - might as well catch all the vomit on one set of clothes each day instead of adding another pair of pants to the hamper...gross.

Sooo... After today's visit with the doctor (we were there yesterday, too), we decided to stick with the Prevacid a few more days, add Reglan to try and move the food out of his belly faster and re-evaluate next week. Let's hope we can get this under control. The vomiting is messy, but manageable. The gagging and choking is downright scary.

Good news, at 11 lb, 12 oz, Owen is charging along in the 3-5 percentile. At least he's still gaining weight and SLEEPING LIKE A CHAMP thanks to Scott's new swaddling technique.


Colleen said...

He is such a cutie! I love those cheeks! And he is so teeny tiny! It is good, that way he can hang out in those cute baby clothes longer. I am never ready to move up when the time comes, because I feel like we just started the size we are about to move out of! I don't like vomiting either, so I can sympathize with you on that one, Owen! Good thought on the sticking to one outfit, if you are going to smell like sour milk anyway.... I am glad you guys are on top of the reflux. It is so scary when they can't breathe! Hopefully this new plan will work well! And solids are only a little ways off, that always seemed to help my boys. The end.

Kate said...

i'm so excited to see that little bugger!!!!!!!!

Staci said...

oh my - cisco certainly gives some perspective!!
3-5 percentile. cute, cute, cute.

Staci said...

p.s. - do you know yet if the various maxwell holiday celebrations will be taking place up north or down south? if they're up north we'll have to come stare through a window at him or something. ;)

Alissa Maxwell said...

Turkey day is down here, but We're coming North for Christmas. Not quite sure how we're going to juggle our time yet, but I'll let you know when it gets closer.