Friday, April 02, 2010

While I have a Moment

I write witty blog posts, think of the quirky things my kids do that I want to record, imagine how the pictures will look on the screen. Trust me, it's all amazing... in my head... at 2:20 AM. The reality is that very little of what I imagine makes it to the screen. There just aren't enough hours in the day.

As it is, right now our living room is covered in building blocks, painters tape, and cars (another tape-city project), every cushion has been thrown on the floor (jumping practice while I made lunch), there are craft beads and hole punch stars exploding from the craft corner, lunch dishes are piling high, and I can see two massive baby spit up stains soaking into the floor (no idea when that happened). My patience is thin, my creativity is shot, and I desperately need a shower.

***Positive Note - the laundry is temporarily finished, folded, and put away!***

Most weeks, I spend a little time on Wednesday nights brainstorming activities to occupy Owen on Thursday and Friday while we're all home. This week, work has been crazy, so my evenings have been spent back on the computer instead of taking care of things around the house. And let's face it, my housekeeping skills are pretty dismal to begin with. My "activities" for Owen have consisted of trying to convince him that it's fun to help me vacuum, dust, and put away toys. We did manage to make some cookies this morning, but I can tell he's caught on that I'm distracted and having a hard time mustering the excitement to play Dora Candy Land.

***Positive Note - my in-laws gave me a housecleaning for my birthday!***

Oh yea, and we're tired - exhausted really. We've successfully moved Josh's co-sleeper into the guest room, but he continues to wake every 2 hours. At this point, he's old enough to sleep long stretches without eating, but Josh has developed a second (and related) terrible habit of just snacking at mealtime. Rather than nurse through a full feeding, he just snacks enough to knock the edge off and then I know he's going to be up in 1 1/2 to 2 hours hungry again. Urgh.

***Positive Note - the kids are both currently napping at the same time!***

The other real struggle is that Josh seems to be trying to carry his snacking habit over into the day times. At daycare, he's in this routine of eating tiny meals all day long and napping 45 minutes sections in between. Not good. At home, I work to help him get some consolidated sleep (this morning, he slept 2 1/2 hours with just a few visits to return the binky), and I try to space his feedings. I need to get them to do this at daycare - I think that will help him space feedings at night.

I had great hopes of doing some meaningful Easter activities with Owen this week, but here is Friday and we haven't even figured out where we're going to church on Sunday. (We are now officially a full year without a home church - how did that happen??)

***Positive Note: At least we dyed Easter Eggs!***

So there you have it. That's the Maxwell House status today. It ain't pretty, but it's the truth.

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