Sunday, April 25, 2010

They Say it's your (half) Birthday...

Oh my! If I thought we reached Josh's 5 month birthday quickly, but I was totally unprepared at how shocking it is to be looking at 6 months... half a year... with our baby boy. I have no idea where the last 6 months went. Actually, that's not true. I have a pretty clear picture of where the last six months went, and that picture is filled with diapers, nursing, a messy house, survival at work, freezer meals, and very little sleep.

But, the picture is also filled with wonderful smiles, giggles, wonder, supportive friends, growing family, and pure, pure joy that only the innocence of new life can bring.

Josh decided to mark his 6 month birthday with two accomplishments.

1. He is officially sitting. Yesterday, he was occasionally balancing, still leaning awkwardly on the boppy and tipping over every minute or two. Today, something just clicked and he sat, unsupported for 10-15 minutes at a time. Inside, outside in the sunny grass, at church this afternoon... sitting. Sweet!



2. Josh finally consumed some solids! At dinner, Scott was able to sneak in multiple bites of pureed squash and everything went down the hatch. This is a big one, as we have been trying every 3 days for the last month, and Josh has shown ZERO interest in eating anything resembling food (sweaters, drawstrings, toys, and paper were a different story). I could tell he was getting hungrier and hungrier, and I was starting to worry. Not that a Tablespoon of squash makes a big difference, but it gets us on our way to bigger and better things. Hooray!

Other things about Josh at 6 months:
He is super ticklish under the armpits.

Owen and Josh's new favorite game is to get right in each other's face and laugh and laugh and laugh. Yesterday, I asked Owen if he wanted to go to the library - something he had been asking about for 2 days - he said, "No! I want stay home and laugh with Joshua!"

He is nursing all. the. time. during the day - this is driving me nuts. I wish he would sit and eat a full feeding, but instead, he eats just enough to take the hunger off and then we need to take a break and try again in 30-45 minutes to make sure his belly is full.

He is babbling and screeching an ear-splitting high pitched squeal.

Uncle Ryan will be pleased to know that Josh has a strong affinity for our Orca Whale bath toy and Auntie Sara continues to rock the gift giving as we don't seem to go anywhere without Sophie the Giraffe.

Josh's sleep "habits" continue to puzzle us. At night, I'm just feeding him twice, but he is regularly up 1-2 more times (though this is a VAST improvement over a month ago when we moved him out of our room). Last week, he took 2 1/2-3 hour afternoon naps for 4 days in a row. He then slept wonderfully at daycare last week (a first). And this weekend, we struggled to get more than a 45 minute afternoon nap. Needless to say, we are nowhere near being able to put the boys in the same room, so Josh's sleeper is still hanging out in the corner of our guest/storage room.

He "found" the animals this past week or so, and is loving to watch Hudson and pet the cats.

Current nicknames: Baby J and Josh-i-wa (currently the only way Owen will refer to him).


Emily said...

I think I was hoping to hear that at six months you were getting a full nights rest and Joshua is napping like a dream during the day. But I guess I will settle for the fact that the brothers are having fun laughing at each other. That sounds good too!

angie said...

6 months! that is crazy. oh he's soo cute.

Carmen said...

Loved your comment on Annie's blog, Alissa. Here's hoping that pictures of Mama Maxwell look equally alive despite lack of sleep. You always have a magnificent way with words-- this was something I regularly thought in core group. You have a way of articulating the important things that rise to the top. xoxo friend!

SBM said...

He is darling!! And just so cute sitting there hanging out! Kudos to Josh on 6 months!