Tuesday, December 01, 2009

You know you're short on sleep...

You know you're short on sleep when:

- Cold, day-old coffee looks (and tastes) wonderful
- You take off your jacket and try to put it in... the refrigerator.
- You send the 2-year old downstairs after his nap with full intention of following him, and wake up a half hour later sitting up in bed (I think he might have spent that half hour watching Dr. Oz on TV, but I'll never really know).
- A nap trumps a shower any day.
- Your best ideas occur at 4 AM. This week - how to rearrange furniture to accommodate the Christmas Tree, how to celebrate Advent with a 2 year old, the Holiday party plan, and many Christmas present ideas all came to me in the night.
- You spin around 3 times in the kitchen looking for the clock (that hasn't moved in 5 years).
- Among all the strange things occurring at your house, this is the list you can remember.

On the plus side, Josh really has made a vast improvement in his sleep over the last week. He's not going any longer between night feedings, but is spending the majority of the night in the co-sleeper next to our bed. That means, Scott and I are sleeping (mostly) in the horizontal position. After cutting spicy foods out of my diet last week, Josh seems to be more willing to return to sleep after feedings, so I'm able to handle MOST of the night duty myself (allowing Scott more hours of uninterrupted sleep). Naps are still dicey, but working on trying to get Josh at least one nap a day in the bedroom. In fact, as I type this, he has been up there by himself for the last hour (after an hour of shared nap with me). All in all, I feel like we're making progress, but I'm holding out judgment until we get past the "typical fussy peak" that occurs around 6-8 weeks. Cross your fingers that we make it to Christmas in one piece!


Carmen said...

Wow! As an outsider, these stories are hilarious, but poor you! I am sorry you are so zonked most days! Here is to making it through the holidays with lots of joy and more and more snippets of sleep!

Colleen said...

You crack me up! It is all so true. I definitely have nights where I wake up because Tommy is wiggling in my arms, I am still sitting up from his last nursing and I realize the reason he's wiggling is because it's been three hours and he's ready to eat again! I'm cutting things out too, Tommy is like a spewing faucet. I'm trying giving up milk products this week to see if that at least helps a bit.

Sara said...

I don't claim to be nearly as sleep deprived as you, but-- last night, I put Calla in the bathtub...with her diaper still ON.

I wish, however, that my early-morning thoughts were as productive as yours. This morning, while helping Calla though a 3 am coughing fit (did I tell you she has a respiratory infection now?) all I could think about was my to-do list and what STILL wasn't getting done.

Hope you're getting rest!