Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This is How we do it

What does Christmas look like in our house this year? First of all, Owen is REALLY into the Christmas story, so we have been trying to focus on Advent and the countdown to Jesus' birthday. Grandmas gave us this great Advent Calendar:
Owen is building the scene every day and can't wait to put Jesus in the manger. I think we'll have to take the calendar with us on our trip to Seattle.

I created this decoration for our mantle. I love it - it finally feels like the big impact decor I've been hoping to do for the last few years. I had great intentions of us doing an Advent candle lighting/reading/craft each Sunday, but we haven't gotten there. The calendar and our books seem to be doing the trick this year and we'll dive in deeper next year.
We hear that Santa will be bringing Josh his own stocking. Good thing - not much fits in those newborn socks. =)
We also have garland and ribbon on the stairwell and a wreath on our door. This year, the weather thwarted any attempt to hang outdoor lights, but Scott still but the white ones up around the living room. Twinkle, twinkle.

Finally, the grand finale in pictures:
This is the photo that didn't make the Christmas Card. With our delayed delivery and juggling of the baby and a trip to Seattle for the holiday, you may not get your card until 2010, but this pic will have to hold you over until then.

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Colleen said...

Merry Christmas!! It all looks great. I love the baby sock and your lovely mantle!