Thursday, December 31, 2009

When the weather is crummy

I have this little book that has become my lifeline when we are having one of THOSE days (due to crummy weather, 2-year-old attitude, or mommy burn out). The Toddler Busy Book is a great resource of quick activities. Some are incredibly simplistic - who doesn't know to bury objects under the sand and have your kid hunt for them - but it reminds me that sometimes simple is best.

Yesterday, we were pushing to get to 4 o'clock, so I could turn on a movie to make it to dinner time, and I randomly ran across the "recipe" for MAGIC MUD:
- Pour a box of cornstarch in a bowl or shallow tray
- Add a bit of water and food coloring
- Mix with your hands and enjoy

I was skeptical, but we gave it a shot....

We started squishing and stirring with our hands. Magic Mud looks solid, but then "melts" through your hands when you try to pick it up.
After 20 minutes of exploration (note that only Sesame Street can hold Owen's attention for 20 minutes), we added some cars and then the farm animals.
An HOUR (yes, an HOUR) later, I was still hearing stories of car crashes and running cows in the kitchen and the scene was like this:
Brilliant! Winner!
I encourage you to try this super easy activity with your own kids.

P.S. We left the magic mud out and Scott was totally enthralled when he got home as well. I was at Safeway this morning buying multiple boxes of cornstarch and Owen had another go at the Magic Mud before lunch today. Brilliant!

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Phyllis said...

Somewhere on the internet there's a video of people who filled a pool with this stuff....