Saturday, April 04, 2009

Which to get?

Why not follow a post about not spending money with one about making a major purchase? That's just the way our world works. =) Now that we know we're getting a tax refund, we're contemplating a new computer. Our current laptop has been getting S-L-O-W-E-R by the day, and this would be our best opportunity to get a new one without breaking the bank. So we debate - Mac vs. PC. The commercials are funny, but don't really help our decision. We're PC users now and a PC would be more cost effective, but Macs are just so darn tempting. What to do?

Of course, we may decide to push that purchase off another year and spend the money on one of our other major wants (repaint the house, landscape backyard, etc), but we'll see. Any thoughts?


Peg said...

Love my Mac -- no issues in 2.5 years! But - my fingers don't like to go back and forth between PCs & Macs - must admit.

Carmen Goetschius said...

MAC, MAC, MAC.... KID FRIENDLY. Cool programs. Cool graphics. Resistant to viruses (saved me in Zambia). One of the better conversions of my life.

I am Kate Maxwell said...

i love my mac, don't get me wrong, but i'd go for a pc. if someday a mac was the same price as a pc, then it'd be different.