Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's see those legs!

Spring is here! We had a real heat wave this weekend - the kind where people seem to be emerging from a long hibernation and blinking at the blinding warmth and glow of the sun (or maybe at the blinding whiteness of our hibernating skin!). We got out to watch the earth day Parade, Scott took my dad mountain biking, we at lunch OUTSIDE, worked in the yard, and barbecued dinner - and that was just Saturday!

Today we hit the road for our first spring hike along Paulina Creek. Owen loved seeing the waterfalls and we were surprised by how much snow was still on the banks (how quickly we forget that it snowed 6 days ago!)

We did a little of this:

a little of this:

a lot of this:

and even some of this:
Owen loved "hiking" on his own. He chanted "hiking, hiking" while we were in the car and on the trail. More to come.

Here's a big difference from our pre-child days... That 4 mile hike would have been the bulk of our day 2 years ago. Today, we were waiting on the doorstep for the bagel shop to open at 8AM and home by 11:30. Plenty of time to play outside and do some yard work BEFORE lunch. No chance to use our hiking adventure as an excuse to avoid the pruning, mowing, and raking that our yard was screaming for this afternoon. Scott even hoisted the top off the Jeep and cruised out to snag us DQ Bilzzards for dessert. Now that's a day that to make you ready for summer!

These are the Saturday pictures, but today looked the same - just with shorts and summer croc sandals. Owen did so great playing in the yard while we worked - nothing better than a happy, grimey, tired kid. Bring on the sun!


Katie said...

So glad that spring is coming to the Northwest! Hope it stays warm for a long time and that ya'll soak up all of the beautiful sunshine!
It is so funny how different our weather is down here in the south. It was 82 yesterday and down right HOT! We have a short spring and then it's onto summer with humidity and high temps. I do want to come for a visit one year and experience cooler temps in the spring/summer!!

Carmen Goetschius said...

Jeeze... the efficiency of you people! Impressive.

And I love the idea of Owen chanting, "Hiking! Hiking!" You certainly moved to the right place!

Kimmy said...

It sounds like your weekend was as gorgeous as ours was here in Idaho. I even got a little sunburn! Doesn't it just make you feel so good?!

Colleen said...

Oh my goodness you are making me die of jealousy! We had a snow storm all weekend! Today is really nice though, so maybe we can break out the shorts tomorrow...although no one needs to see my whitish-blue legs but Mr. Sun!

SBM said...

I LOVE Owen's tights (I think that's what they are).

SBM said...

Oh, and how did you get him to do the splits?! Too cute.