Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy (sicky) Easter!

Happy Easter! We had quite the low-key Easter around the Maxwell house. Both Scott and I woke up feeling crummy and Owen went to bed Saturday night with a teething (we thought) fever. We all rallied to get to church this morning to enjoy a yummy breakfast and lovely service. Owen held it together at church, but the rest of our day was a real struggle. He crashed for an early nap and spent most of the afternoon snuggled with one or the other of us on the couch. Poor kiddo!

We did have time and energy for a short Easter egg hunt after nap time, and Owen was amazingly good at finding the eggs. Neither of us thought he would understand the concept, but he stayed focused to find 20 eggs! The Easter Bunny left Owen a new set of markers and some counting books. Fifteen minutes of coloring and then we were back to the couch. Owen had 4 grapes for dinner and was then in bed by 6:30. Let's hope he has a restorative night - a resurrection of sorts =) - and is ready for school tomorrow.


Colleen said...

Sorry you guys were all feeling badly, especially little Owen. At least you got that egg hunt in!

Cailean said...

Isn't it such a bummer to be sick on a fun holiday! I'm glad you had some fun - kids make it all so much more exciting! :)

I am Kate Maxwell said...

he must be your son... i seem to remember you being exceptionally good at the easter egg thing.