Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ready for Spring

We are SOOOO... ready for spring in this house. Not that the cold weather keeps from bundling up and going outside. It's just that all my indoor tricks are used up and we are ready for a change of scenery. Some recent signs that we need to be spending more time outside:

Furniture as play structure:

Owen has spent the last two weeks playing on this indoor "slide" - he quickly progressed from sliding on his bum, to walking, to sliding headfirst. He also sends all his toys down the slide one by one. A remarkably attention keeping activity.

Mom grasping for ideas: "Owen, can you help me put away the silverware?" Result:

The recent favorite is playing in the "bah-tor" or Water as we English speakers like to say.

Owen was actually really happy to be playing, but this face shows how we feel about the long wait until the pool opens...

On the plus side, I think spring really arrived yesterday. We're all in our shirtsleeves today and embracing the sunshine and warmer weather. This was the weekend that people seem to start pouring out of the woodwork, emerging from the long winter and breathing deeply in the joys of spring. Scott got out to mountain bike. We took a walk through the park after going out to breakfast. Read books out on the porch. I hear Seattle is having this same weekend, and I'm sure there will be students all over UW tomorrow in their flip flops and shorts... the day we used to call, "Just because it's sunny, doesn't mean it's warm." But us northwest natives just can't help welcoming spring with pastey white, shivering legs. Bring it on!


Peg said...

I can confirm that there are lots of flip-flops and shorts at UW today.
I have a skirt and sandals on! The cherry trees are bloom - lovely day in Husky-land!

Carmen Goetschius said...

Agreed! I am ready for sun too! A beautiful day in NYC on Sunday, but today the rain resumed and I braced myself in a wool coat while waiting for a bus. Bleh.

Your boy is getting so big and is such a cutie!!

Colleen said...

Oh I am so ready for spring too! I have days where my face is just like Owen's in my frustration with this interminable winter! We can't really call it that until this month is over, since we still get snow from time to time in April, but I am counting down the days, and the green is starting to peek!