Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mothers' Day

This is only 1 week late, but hey, at least I got it documented!

We celebrated my first Mothers' Day last weekend. Scott asked me if I wanted a family day or a day to myself. It felt like a monumental decision - what will Mothers' Day mean in our family? Hmm... I chose a family day. As much as I would love a spa day, it just makes sense to celebrate Mothers' Day with the kiddo that made me a mom. We had a nice weekend just doing family things - several walks/hikes, a trip to the nursery to buy plants for our sad state of a yard, and a spur of the moment breakfast out. Scott got me some beautiful tulips that lasted all week. I kind of expected that it would be strange to be "the mom" on on this day (kind of like how "Mrs Maxwell" sounds like Scott's mom, not me), but nope. It felt 100% correct that people at church wished me happy Mothers' Day, that I got to ask for chocolate chip waffles for breakfast, and that I slept in while Scott got up with Owen. Amazing how becoming a mom immediately changes your identify - in a beautiful way.

Looking forward to many more Mothers' Days. And here's the kiddo that started it all.

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