Friday, May 30, 2008

Manzanita Memorial Day

We took our annual trip to Memorial Day with Ryan and Sara and Tim and Amy. This was our EIGHTH year making the trek together and the first with all of us toting along an extra passenger. Nolan is almost 2, Owen is almost 1, and baby Calla was right at the 6 week mark. It certainly made for a different weekend, but some things remained the same - the weather was marginal, the food was great, the beverages were plentiful, and the conversation was easy (though often abbreviated by children in need).

Owen LOVED the beach. He wasn't so ex
cited about putting his feet in the water, but who can blame him - the Oregon Coast is cold! He enjoyed the sand more than we expected. Crawling, digging, getting his legs buried by Dad, exploring the driftwood, and, of course, burying his face in the sand. He seems to have my tendency to get a runny nose when out in the cold, so we had some great snotty/sandy faces. =)

Here are a couple pics from our beach time. I'll have to do another post with pictures from the rest of the weekend.Loving the sand

Exploring the waves with Dad

There was tons of driftwood this year. The storms last winter knocked down tons of trees that clogged rivers, were washed out to sea, and are now settling on the beach. People were building major forts all along the coast.

Can I eat it?

Exploring the beach with mom - we ran away from the waves, wrote Owen's name in the sand with a big stick, watched the dogs, and explored the driftwood. Maybe we'll have to come back to the beach this summer when Owen is walking...

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Colleen said...

That looks like so much fun, even if it is a little chilly! It is so awesome that you get Owen out so much, Owen will truly love the beauty of the natural world!