Friday, May 30, 2008

More Manzanita Pics

Here are a couple more photos from our Memorial Day. Owen has started getting really steady on his feet and is even taking a couple steps here and there. He’s also getting to be a pretty quick crawler, but not quick enough to keep up with Nolan. Probably a good thing as Nolan wasn't very excited to share his toys or space with Owen. "Oh no Owen!" and "Go away Owen" were some of the standards lines of the weekend.

We loved spending time with baby Calla and were really impressed with how Ryan and Sara are persevering through her cranky spells. It's just really rough being 6 weeks old, and we're hoping she gets all her fussing out soon, so mom and dad can start seeing more smiles and giggles. Ryan and Sara get HUGE parenting points for packing up a 6 week old and making the drive to the coast. Amazing!

Steady on his feet and trying out those new sandals

Chasing Nolan

"Playing" guitar - we were treated to quality music all weekend long.

Practicing our "gentle" touch with Baby Calla.


Snot plus sand = time for a bath!

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