Friday, January 11, 2008

Recent Events

Here are a couple fun photos from the last few weeks:

Scott recently got his first chance to play Mr. Mom for a whole day. He did great - even packed up the baby and took the dog for a walk (you can see Hudson jumping up in the back of the photo). He even cleaned house a bit, but admitted it was because he was able to keep Owen calm by using the front pack. Not quite ready to be a full time stay at home dad, but they both survived!

When I was pregnant, I attended a pre-natal exercise class for a couple months. We finally had our "reunion" in December. Look at all those babies - 8 boys and 1 girl!

This photo represents a small victory and a major milestone as new parents. That red backpack was the very first thing we purchased for the baby last March. We had great visions of toting our baby all over the mountains of Oregon. However, there have been quite a few times in these last 6 months when I've thought that vision would never be fulfilled. That backpack sat in the closet reminding me of how our vision was so different from reality. How would we ever get our life back with this fussy, refluxing baby who wouldn't lay alone for more than 2 minutes? I was going to write up a post of our challenges and small victories along the way, but I think this photo shows what's most important:
One day at at time, we've worked through the challenges. Owen is now getting a little happier and more independent every month and over New Years we pulled the backpack down from the closet and took him snowshoeing with my parents.
He loved it!


Shannon said...

I wish SCMC was having the pre-natal classes. I called and complained and they said they wouldn't have them until May because no one was interested in taking them! With better marketing, those classes would be full!

I started pre-natal water fitness tonight. A lot of fun but BOY am I tired.

Kate said...

I'm pretty sure that your kid is the cutest one in that picture... actually, i'm positive. it might be because he looks so much like me...