Tuesday, January 22, 2008

COLD and Pets

It's COLD! Not "Burr, put on a jacket" cold. It's "Oh my gosh, I think my fingers are going to freeze walking the 10 feet between buildings at work" cold. When I dropped Owen off this morning, my car thermometer said 5. 5! That looks like a Celsius temperature, but no, it's good old United States Fahrenheit. At least the sun still shines in Bend. Even on cold days, we need our sunglasses for walks. Don't worry, we weren't out walking today. This pic is from last Friday when the temperature was above freezing. We can handle 38 degrees - sounds tropical compared to 5!

We decided Owen had his BEST WEEKEND EVER. He was super happy, smiling, and giggling all weekend long. He's wiggling all over, reaching for toys, and rolling onto his tummy to get closer to things. Even though he had terrible naps on Sunday, we couldn't get over how happy our kiddo was.Recently, Owen has decided that he loves, loves, loves being anywhere near the dog. He will contort his neck to keep Hudson in view while eating or just moving from room to room. And if the dog is moving around, oh man! Owen gets all giggly and starts flapping his arms and stomping his feet. Unfortunately, Hudson is pretty afraid of Owen and will only approach him for a fly by licking on his own terms. We're working with Hudson to increase his comfort level. Scott keeps telling him that Owen is here to stay and will soon be chasing him all over the house - poor dog.

Hudson is just standing by Scott (taking the picture) and Owen is LAUGHING!

Pure bliss - the dog got close enough to touch.

On other pet news: Owen got into his first fight with the cat last week - the cat won. Owen was grabbing Cisco all over, and the cat finally had enough and stuck a claw in Owen's scalp. Not a happy incident. At least Scott and I were both in the room, so we shared equal guilt in letting it happen. Although our cats are both extremely tolerant, we have no illusions that these were Owen's last scratches. Such is life with living pets.


Colleen said...

Hooray for happy babies!! What is it about dogs and babies? Luke is the same way with Ruby. Sorry to hear about the scratching, I worry about that with Ruby. She loves Luke and will go snuggle next to him but he has yet to learn "gentle" (Heck...Josh has yet to learn gentle and he's 3!), and he loves to pull her fur and poke her eyes. She always just sits there, so I am scared some day he is going to hurt her and she may snap at him even though she isn't a snapper. And boy, I thought it was cold here and it is in the upper 20's! FIVE!!!?

Kate said...

can i come see you and your kid soon?

Kate said...

and yay for pictures with owen and mom instead of just owen or owen and dad

Peg said...

OK...just gotta say - the last line of this blog entry? What's the alternative - DEAD pets? ;)...I hope not since they seem to be bringing Owen such joy - and a few lessons in the patience of kitties.

Alissa Maxwell said...

Okay, so my grammar is crummy - should be "Such is life living with pets." Dead pets - too funny, and not much fun. =)

Kimmy said...

It has been so freezing here, too! It makes it so hard to even want to leave the house. I think it is so fun to see the little ones with animals...Elsie loves our dog and now my mom's dog.

I would love to come visit, but I don't know when I can actually make it happen. Believe it or not,I've got two little trips planned for April already. I'll have to figure it out!