Friday, January 11, 2008

Off the Charts!

I took Owen for his 6 month doctor appointment yesterday. I was excited because we succeeded in a small (and yet still significant) goal of not going to the doctor in December. While we love our pediatrician and the great nurses, I just don't want them to become my social network. This time, we went in because Owen was six months old - not because he was struggling to breath, puking everywhere, or choking on his own spit-up (reasons for visits in prior months). It was so nice to walk in the door because my child is doing well and just needs more shots.

With little ones, they always pull up the the growth chart:
Head measurement - growing (he's a Maxwell); now in the 20ith percentile
Height - holding steady in the 3-5th percentile; 25 inches
Weight - off the chart. The low end, that is. 13 lb, 4 oz doesn't even make the chart anymore.

Oh well, the doctor's not worried, so we're not either. I guess it's common for breastfed babies to lag behind between 6 and 9 months. Owen has plenty of years to catch-up. And hey, it's okay if my kid doesn't get to play linebacker - size doesn't matter in soccer, right?


go cougs said...

He looks good and just remember that good 'ol song.... don't worry be happy. He'll be just fine. Besides, over at Wazzu, we take 'em small. Had fun at Christmas. Maybe we'll see you soon. Give Opie a hug from us.

Kimmy said...

Elsie doesn't make the chart in weight either. Oh well! Hooray for Owen!

Colleen said...

That is exactly why we are so glad the boys love soccer! Although Josh could end up as a linebacker. I am so glad to hear the reason for the doctor's visit was health not illness! Go Owen!