Sunday, July 25, 2010

Owen at 3

Owen turned 3 at the beginning of July. I can't believe we have a 3 year old, but I also can't believe how much Owen has matured recently. Due to a rotating illness floating through our family, Scott and I have each had some one-on-one time with Owen and we both were amazed at how much he really is a little boy. He thinks ahead, carries conversations, and is full, interactive, involved member of our family. We are loving age 3!

Funny quotes from Owen at age 3:

"Good job mom. You didn't spill the milk. I am supervising, aren't I?"

He is certainly getting creative about prolonging bed time. As I walked out the door recently, he said: "I want you to stay in my room and bother me."

"I want be mean to Cisco. I want put horns on his head and put him on the cross, so he will die, like Jesus."

"When I am 3, I will use the potty. And you will wipe my bottom."

"Mom rhymes with boss."

"Dang it!" - though he thinks this term should be used when something is totally awesome... "Mom! I scored a goal!" "Great job Owen." "Yes! Dang it!"

Other things about Owen at 3:
He makes up and tells stories - they always start "once upon a time" and end with "theeeee end."

He sings along with our kids music CDs - currently playing: Sack Lunch by Recess Monkey.

Owen recently taught me a new song he learned at school. I was amazed that he could sing and do the motions well enough for me to understand it!

We always get comments about how he's such a good talker for a 3 year old.

He repeats lines from his favorite movies and acts out scenes with his toys. Cars, Madagascar, and Veggie Tales are favorite movies. Diego and Sesame Street are favorite TV shows. We try to limit TV to an hour a day with the occasional movie on the weekends.

Owen loves crafts and takes great pride in his work. Just this week, he really mastered the use of scissors.

He is a HELPER - he loves helping cook in the kitchen and can already tell me how to make his favorite - PB&J! - and will select foods from the pantry or fridge for snacks and such.

He plays independently, especially with his legos or cars. I can always here him telling stories about what the cars are doing.

Owen is a book lover - hooray! We go to the library every 3 weeks, play in the kids area, and check-out 5 or 6 books. Favorites are "Harry and the Dinosaur" series and "The Bear and His Boy."

He likes to "read" books and has quite a few memorized. The other day, he flipped pages of a library book and told a whole story to Josh after we had only read it twice! He also knows nearly every story in The Beginner Bible.

He loves talking to people, but gets pretty shy when they talk back or initiate a conversation with him.

Owen's favorite game in the car is "You take a Guess." Anytime I ask him a question (Ex: "What sports will you play at your class today?" or "What's kind of snack will Ms. Stephanie have at school?") Owen answers the question and then yells, "Now You Take a Guess!" and we're off, back and forth, taking smart or silly guesses until we reach our destination.

Owen is an amazing big brother. We feel incredibly lucky that he continues to LOVE Josh and doesn't take out his frustration the baby. This morning, he turned to Josh and said, "Josh, you're my be-est friend!"

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Carmen said...

O my word. This is such wonderful insight into the life of Owen. That Cisco comment made me burst out laughing!!!!!! What a fantastic little man you have and such a good older brother.

Way to go Mom-Boss-Supervisor!