Sunday, July 11, 2010


After much build up, preparation, discussion, promises, bribery, and hoopla... Potty Training Day #1 was nothing short of an epic failure. It started with a tantrum at the suggetion he run around naked, tears when we pulled out the awesome underwear, and fist flying wrestling to eventually get Owen into pull-ups. A trip to Target to pick out a new potty ring (Diego!) and some potty prizes brought a small glimmer of promise. But in the end, we learned that Owen does have great bladder control and has ZERO desire to exercise that control in any location other than his diaper. Not so awesome.

Thankfully, Scott and I were able to recognize that we won't ever win a battle of wills on this topic. So this morning, we put all the potty-related items back in the closet and told Owen we would use diapers for a while longer until he chooses to try using the potty again. He seemed very relieved (and frankly, so were we) and his behavior was infinitely better today - further confirmation that all the "potty talk" was stressing him out.

And then this evening, after his shower, he did his first ever poop in the potty.


I am Kate Maxwell said...

when i'm three i'll use the potty. but not because you tell me to.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, your cousin, Chad, was 3 years and 17 days - he learned in ONE day - and to make matters worse, I left him with Grandma and Grandpa, and that's the day HE decided to show off and potty train in - I don't remember with Patrick!!! Katie was 17 months old - she was just ready, but Molly Kate is like Owen - she's 2 years and 4 months old, and has no desire what so ever - I just changed her poopy diaper - she told me "Mimi, you can change my diaper, it's poopy" If she's that smart, she can potty train, but she's not ready!!!! I'm proud of you and Scott for not making a big deal out of it - less stress for the whole Maxwell family!!!! Love, Aunt Tracey

Alissa Maxwell said...

Yea, if Owen doesn't figure it out before September, then grandma can give it a shot when we leave them for a week!

Stephanie said...

Hahahaha...I love kids and their incredible stinker-ish ways. Potty training is definitely my least favorite parenting task so far! Kudos to you guys for acknowledging that there is no way for the parents to win a battle of wills on the potty front.

If it helps, the clearest thing we learned with Mackenzie was that no amount of pushing her would work. We worked with her in every way we could imagine for nine long months to no avail. The final thing that worked? One accident at school in front of all her friends and her adored preschool teacher. And then we were done. Best of luck with the journey - try to remember that no one goes to college still in diapers and you'll at least retain some form of sanity. Cheering for you!

Carmen Goetschius said...


Love this. Congrats, Owen. Welcome to the world of big boys and girls!!!