Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Trees

Over the weekend, Owen and I made "Thanksgiving Trees" inspired by a photo I saw on Phyllis' blog. It was the first time we really tried to talk about the concept of "being thankful," and I wasn't quite sure if Owen would get the idea. It took some prompting, but Owen came up with some insightful leaves for his tree.
Owen's tree includes:
Mom & Josh
Cousin Calla (Uncle Ryan, Auntie Sara)
Baby Doll
My Cones
Big Family (which is how we refer to all the grandparents, etc)
Snow is White
Friends bring us dinner
Baby bear, Elmo, Big Bird, Zoe
...and my favorite...
Piper to feel better
(We missed a play date with Piper on Friday because she wasn't feeling well. When we saw her at a bitrhday party the next day, Owen walked right up to her and asked, "Piper? You feel better?" They're both 2!)

Of note: My thankful list included the usual suspects along with...
Bloom School
Sesame Street
Dinners from friends
...seems pretty clear we are dealing with a new baby and an active toddler!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

What a great idea! Where do you get them from?
We are going to do this as placemats on Thanksgiving for our niece and nephew.